3M Glass Coat Windshield Pn 08889Lt - 200Ml

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  • 3M Glass Coat Windshield specifically for coating and protecting the outer surface of the glass By molecules of each molecule will stick to And create a thin film layer
  •  create distinctive features by creating a more slippery mirror In particular,
  • it can be seen clearly when there is water droplets.
  •  Water will not be able to stick to the glass easily. Resulting in better visibility during rain Increase driving safety and indirectly result in a beautiful mirror from Water stains and stains that will catch the surface of the glass can be more difficult. With the product can be coated glass And long lasting even through car washes many times.

How to use

  • Used for coating outside the car glass. Can be used with all types of glass Both the windshield Side mirror or rear view mirror to reduce droplet adhesion. 
  • Clean the glass surface. Wipe clean and dry. 
  • Pour 3M glass coating products. Onto the supplied lint Wipe in a small circle around the glass, leaving it to dry until it is up. 
  • Use a damp cloth. Wipe until clear glass And use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it up until it is shiny. 
  • For maximum results, 3M glass coating products Repeat again, give up the ceiling. And use a damp cloth or dry cloth to wipe it up.

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