Welcome to Thulo.Com

The leader of digital innovation in Nepal. 

We are the group of socially aware entrepreneurs with a vision of building "the digital ecosystem" that transforms Nepal into the first world nation.

We believe in the “3 Ts” (Technology, Travel & Trade ) as the main three pillars to build thriving communities in Nepal.

Our passionate intrapreneurs come together to create & implement the world-class platforms for doing business.


About Thulo.Com

We are on the mission of making customer's living easy; in everyway possible; all across Nepal.

You may open your internet browser (eg: Mozilla, Chrome, Safari etc.) and type www.thulo.com; you will reach our ecommerce website where you can browse through thousands of products and order/buy online. Or you can download our mobile app for Android & iOS in your smartphones and browse through hundreds of brands to shop online in Nepal.

At Thulo.com, you can shop all kinds of products enjoying our Free Home Delivery. We have abundance of categories such as Personal Care, Electronics, Apparel, Sports and Outdoors, Office Supplies, Fashion, Books, Daily Needs and many more. Till date, Thulo.com has served 1000s of satisfied customers; and so ensuring high level of loyalty from those valued customers. We, at Thulo.com, ensure timely delivery of products to your homes.

Mission & Vision


To serve maximum no. of customers, providing the best customer service possible as per industry practice, in terms of price, quality, choice of product categories/products, buying process and delivery.


To make customer’s living easy, in every way, all across the Nepal.


Thulo.Com Leadership


Raja Ram Nepal

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Bibek Karki



Surakchya Adhikari

Chief of Operations (COO)



Chief of Retails

Service Guarantee by Thulo.Com:

To realize our vision and to make our mission a real experience. We have build the amazing services within and around Thulo.Com to meet every requirements of our customers. Our services ranges from providing you home delivery services to giving you opportunities to earn money online. Our solutions helps brands and manufacturers to widen their customer reach and get more sales. More than everything, we provide our customers with great experience both online and offline.


  • Customer First Policy:

    All our operation is derived from value of customer satisfaction where our employees and shareholders believe in serving customers first, which eventually bring value for them in long-run.

  • Largest Selection:

    Thulo.Com provides largest selection of products, which will save time and money for our customers for not having to road around store by store to find the products they are looking to buy.

  • Quality Products Guaranteed:

    All our products will go through multi-layer inspection, which will ensure quality products at customer's doorstep every time they choose to buy from Thulo.Com.

  • Low Price Guarantee:

    Everything and anything available in Thulo.Com needs to have competitive pricing and should be lowest in the market. Thulo.Com bargains with manufacturers and suppliers to deliver the products in lowest possible price, where customers are guaranteed that they do not overpay for goods and service offered at Thulo.Com.

  • On-Time Delivery Guaranteed:

    When customer is expecting their delivery at certain time, we make sure they get the products on time. We make no excuses and will try to deliver all the goods to customers on expected time, no matter however odd the situation be.


D2H by Thulo.com


Successfully delivering products from Mechi to Mahakali has always been Thulo.com’s forte. With this experience in the online retail industry, we are stepping towards a new service that we call ‘D2H by Thulo.com’. D2H by Thulo.com is the first of its kind service in context of Nepal, through which we deliver Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) such as toothpaste, body soap, shampoo, face cream, processed foods and toilet cleaner, to name a few, at lower prices than what you are offered at ‘pasals’ nearby your houses. You only need to tell us what you want, and everything shall be at your home on a regular basis, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly – YOU CHOOSE.

So, we are striving to make your lives Economic by offering products at amazingly Lower Prices and providing Free Home Delivery, Easier by regularly delivering all your purchases at your homes and Sensible by saving your valuable time being spent on shopping for Regular Essential products.

Yes, you NO MORE have to rush to purchase a shampoo because you were too busy to buy it the earlier day. You NO MORE have to buy and carry heavy loads of products all the way to your home. You NO MORE have to worry about smaller things in life.