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One night, Mandy finds a distressed Golden Retriever tied upoutsideAnimal Ark - but no sign of her owner. The dog is expectingpuppies- and it doesn't look like there's long to wait! Who wouldleave apregnant dog on a stranger's doorstep? Mandy can't believeanyonecould be so cruel - and she's determined to find outwho'sresponsible!

James spun round. 'Oh, cripes!' he whispered.

Kimble was scrabbling at the newspaper in her box, tearing itupand pawing it into a small mound. As James and Mandy watched,shestarted panting heavily.

'Kimble?' said Mandy in a low voice.

Kimble paused in her scrabbling and glanced up.

'She's got a sort of lost look in her eyes,' said James.

Kimble went back to ripping the paper. Her paws weremovingfaster this time and suddenly she gave a couple ofanxiouswhines.

'I'm going for Mum and Dad!' said Mandy.

Book: Dog At The Door - Animal Ark Classics
Author: Jenny Gregory
ISBN-13: 9780340944554
Product Code EBK0066499
Binding: Paper Back
Publishing Date: 2006
Publisher: Hodder Childrens Books
Language: English

Binding- Paperback

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