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Who doesn’t love the sweet and mouth watering flavors of vanilla and chocolate and especially when you can have them in the form of soft cakes and muffins? You can never resist it when you can have them just by clicking a few buttons. This is what we provide here at

If you have already scrolled through our bakery goods, you must have realized that our store is full of delicious baked goods just waiting to be. Now you need not run from bakery to bakery in search of your favourite baked items! The mouthwatering scent of baked delicacies tempt us to have all of it. provides you a variety of bakery items such as muffins, pound cakes, swiss rolls, fruit cakes and much more. Cake mix from renowned brands such as American garden is also available. We provide products from brands such as Monginis, Nilon’s, Priya Gold, American Garden etc. One can never resist a warm pie, a freshly baked juicy cake and pretty little muffins.

It's so easy to serve a gourmet breakfast at home every morning when you order muffins and other delights from’s online bakery items category. You can share these delicacies with friends, family and other loved ones.