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Bodhi's Wildflower Raw Honey (1 kg)

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In stock
10 Days
Pay by Coins:950 ThuloCoins™
In stock
10 Days
Pay by Coins:950 ThuloCoins™
रु 950
रु 1100
आजको ठुलो बचत : रु 150

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Bodhi"s Raw wildflower honey are the unpasturised and unfiltered honey that are squeezed directly from hive from western forest of Nepal where they feed on forest wildflowers during flowering season . They contain all the good qualities that a honey should have they have all the enzymes , pollen , and benefits of honey that can be destroyed if pasturised and filtered. They enzymes in raw honey makes it crystalyze over winter but can be melted to liquid form by heating it with warm water if needed.The taste of this premium honey is very delicious and nothing like you have tasted before , you can find the difference yourself .

Raw honey may be in liquid form or crystalized form , but they tend to cryastalize during winter or if kept in cold place but it doesnt affect its goodness and taste . It can be scooped and melted in hot/ warm water .


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