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Burning And Melting

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In stock
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The Burning and Melting is a translation of the poem, Suz-u-gudaz. It has its roots in the Persian language, but has been written by Muhammed Riz Nau’I at the behest of the Mughal son of Akbar, the Prince Daniyal. It dates from arund 1606. The passions of true know no limits. This is a book of poetic verse dedicated to the women whose lost love enticed them, of their free will, to self-immolation on the fires of their dead husbands. Sati, that terrible action of self-immolation on the fire of the beloved’s pyre, was seen not as an evil beyond description, but a release. For those whose grief for lost love and passion showed no bounds, the melting and the burning had no fears. Where its necessity was seen as a family duty, it became evil. The burning and Melting has been translated from the Persian, the language of the Mughals, by Dawud and Coomaraaswamy. Its following words are there to embrace; its fiery intellectual passages offer soothing poeticn prose.

Author's Name: Coomaraswamy Ananda K., Dawud Mirza Y
Publisher's Name:  Pilgrims Publishing Varanasi
Publish Year: 2006
Subject:  Poetry
Bimding: Paper Back


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