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Car Neck Pillow

Buy Car Neck Pillow Online at Thulo.com Nepal

Carrying a neck pillow while long drive will make your travel comfortable. Car neck pillow is especially designed to support your neck and head in a natural position and help you to get a good sleep. Now dont worry about the neck pain which is caused by bad posture or lack of support during long drive. You can buy a car neck pillow online from our wide selection of car neck pillows on thulo.com. We have the various option in colors, shapes and sizes.

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10 Days
His massager massage pillow relieves sore muscles and provides relaxation.  Ergonomic and compact pillow massager fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calf, and thigh area.
रु 1490 रु 2800

Minimum quantity for "Pillow Massager for Car And Home" is 1.

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Specifications : Name : Car Neck Pillow Code : MS-012 - Massage - Thermo Therapy - Magnetic Therapy - Product aesthetically pleasing design super thin - Built in four heating kneading massage heads - Positive and negative to adjustable, simple operation - Automoiles, Home dual use
रु 2100

Minimum quantity for "Car Neck Pillow (MS-012)" is 1.

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Out of stock
10 Days
Features: Inflate Quickly : Inflatable neck pillow is made from a PVC base, covered with soft Material and has a built-in pump for ease of use, probably pressing 30s can fill a pillow with a gas. No hassle or embarrassment of blowing up by mouth. Ergonomic Neck Support : Unlike memory foam, gel or microbeads, you can adjust the size to your preferred inflation level and firmness. That would be most comfortable when it is blown up to its 80-90% capacity. Easy To Clean: Inflatable PVC base is covered with an internal cover and they are placed in a luxury removable machine with a washable plush velour cover....
रु 1700 रु 2000

Minimum quantity for "Romix RH50 Portable Travel Neck Pillow, Hand Inflatable & Foldable" is 1.

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Out of stock
10 Days
Brand: Romix
Features: S mall and easy to carry: fast inflation, deflation for one second. Concealed inflatable valve with self-pressing inflation. Neck curve fit design: comfortable U-shaped design for long-term use without pressure on the cervical vertebrae. TPU elastic composite fabric: good pressure resistance and comfort, and light storage. Suitable for travelling and office work: We are sure of the quality of this great camping pillow for women and men. Made from high-quality stretchable milk silk fabric and breathable TPU Ultra lightweight Package includes carrying pouch for...
रु 1700 रु 1800

Minimum quantity for "Romix RH15 Portable Non-Automatic Inflatable Pillows - Travel Pillows For Office & Home Use" is 1.

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