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Dairy Products

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Dairy products are milk products processed from the milk of cows, buffaloes, goats, etc. Cream, powdered milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, cheese, casein, yogurt and ice creams are all milk based products which collectively come under the categorization of dairy. Dairy products are life essentials.

Dairy is extensively used in the preparation of a number of things. Right from using ready-made condensed milk for kheer, making cheese, buttermilk and ghee, dairy is present in all of these delicacies and drinks. Frozen custards, frozen yogurt, ice cream, curds, and other products are popular all over the world.

Dairy Consumption is Healthy.

Dairy products form an integral part of our daily diet and the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals gained from it are of equal importance. Milk, tea and coffee individually are one of the most important things that everybody consumes on a daily basis. But with the quality of milk getting degraded with everyday that passes by, there are big question marks that arise on the packaged milk sold these days.

Every milk product comes with an expiry date which proves that there is something that is added in it to keep its quality intact. As a solution to this, brings to you  huge range of dairy products online such as cheese, milk, cream, curd, butter, chhurpi, ghee, paneer and much more can be ordered fresh from

We provide organic and quality products from renowned brands such as Amul, DDC, Patanjali etc. These healthy and highly nutritious products will add a lot to improve your health.

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