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Delivery & Shipping Options

Thulo.Com delivers goods to your home or office or the location of your choice all around Nepal. We provide following delivery options to our customers.

Free 3 Days Delivery

This is the most famous delivery option available for customers in Kathmandu Valley, including of all the cities within Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur districts.

Free 7 Days Delivery

This option is available for rest of Nepal, where we provide free home delivery to our customers all over Nepal.

Express - 2 Hours Rapid Delivery:

Currently this delivery option is availalbe within Kathmandu Ringroad, and is available in selected products including of grocery products. 

Express - Same Day Quick Delivery:

This delivery option is availabe inside Kathmandu Valley (5KM from Ringroad), where Thulo.Com logistics team will put their best effort to deliver the goods you have orderd from us within the same day of ordering. Same Day Delivery means, all orders placed before 10:AM everyday, excluding Saturdays are delivered within same before 6:00 PM in the evening. 

Express - One-Day Delivery:

This amazing delivery option allows you to get your ordered items delivered within 24hrs of your order. One Day Delivery represents the 24hrs time span after the order is placed. One-Day Delivery option is currently available within the range of 10 Kilo Meter of distance from Kathmandu Ringroad.

Express Air Delivery:

This delivery options are available within airport cities of Nepal, and which is subject to the flight condition in that area. Delivery are dispatched everyday at 10:00 AM and 2:00PM. 

International Regular Shipping:

This shipping is done through by land and through seas, This is the most affordable shipping option available. Global delivery depends upon your location and the time taken by the cargo ship to reach your destination. Generally this options allows you to receive your order within 90 days anywhere in the world. Prices are affordable and calculated at the time of checkout. 

International Express Shipping:

This shipping options is express shipping option where your orders are dispatched within 3 days and delivery time takes maximum of 15 days anywhere in the world and happens within 7 days in most part of the world. This is express delivery option where orders reaches you much faster and you pay very low prices. Our International Express Delivery is handled by Nepal Government Postal service through its global network of National Postal and Delivery agencies. 

International Express Premium Shipping:

This delivery option are handled through service provider like DHL, FedEx, Aramex etc, where your orders are dispatched within 2 days and reaches you within 10 days anywhere in the world and within 5 days in most of the parts of the world. 



On Orders Rs. 999 and up

We deliver your order of Rs. 999 and more for free within Kathmandu Valley, and this option is not available outside Kathmandu Valley or outside Nepal. 

This offer is not available to goods sold through promotions, Flash Sales and instant sales.