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Desna Sweet Bomb Lapsi Achar (Lapsi Pickle)

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In stock
7 Days
Pay by Coins:250 reward points
Brand: Desna
In stock
7 Days
Pay by Coins:250 reward points
Brand: Desna
रु 250

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Minimum order quantity for "Desna Sweet Bomb Lapsi Achar (Lapsi Pickle)" is 1.

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No meal is complete without a spoonful of sweet, sour, spicy and mouthwatering nepali pickle. Experience the depth and flavor of Nepal with Desna pickles!!

Desna Sweet Bomb Lapsi is a sweet and spicy pickle; a must have condiment at home, and it goes with every kind of food; be it rice, roti or even bread. Try this uniquely flavored lapsi bomp with nachos or favorite chips. An unbeatable pairing!

Product of Grihini Food Udhyog

Nepal relishes its pickles, and in rural areas, the arrival of lapsi season sees women gathering together to make achaar in a tradition perfected over generations. Those big ceramic jars filled to the brim with fresh pickly sitting under the sun on terraces evoke childhood memories. Bringing back those times, Grihini Food Udhyog is founded with an idea to use these women ancient culinary skills to reach millions of homes. Grihini is a step to empower homemakers (women) of Nepal; and also build a sustainable food network. By combining traditional and standardized approach, our homemakers make the pickle to achieve top quality.

How to Use:

Step 1: Break the seal and open the lid of the jar

Step 2: Scoop it and put it on your plate/bowl

Step 3: Close the lid of jar tight and store in a cool dry place.

Ensure that no water gets in by wet teaspoon or damp hand while opening the lid

Alternative use: Mix with perfect cooked rice, use it with snacks, or simply spread on a paratha.


Fun Fact:

Lapsi is rich in Vitamin C

Achar (Pickle) is better for digestion. Pickles are also valuable sources to gain enough vitamins along with pro and pre-biotic bacteria useful for our bodies.

Pickle enhances the taste of food and results in happy eating

What’s in the Package:

Desna Sweet Bomb Lapsi Pickle 400 Grams (Gross: 610 Grams)

Love and Hard work

Meet Our Heroes:

***In the Labelling of the package you will see the identity of Grihini involved in making your batch :)***

What do we assure?

  • The taste will remind you of your grandma’s recipe
  • If you are away, each bite of Desna pickle will make you feel like home
  • If you are a parent, your kid will love you for packing it in tiffin box daily
  • If you are health conscious and on diet, you will start enjoying your diet food even with addition of just one scoop of Lapsi Bomb in each meal
  • Guests will love you for serving it to them
  • You will get used to compliments like: Aja ta majja ayo khana khayera, ghar mai hotel jasto khana, bhauju hajur ko hath ma ta jaadu cha, mero tiffin sab bhanda tasty, this feels like heaven


At least purchase 2 as you might finish the 1st jar in a week itself. :P


Awesome Taste… I finished my first bottle in just 2 days….ekdumai mitho thyo
Really love the concept of women identity on the label who made it.