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The Dual Hand Massager has two times the pain relieving action of a deep tissue, shiatsu style massage. This massager is perfect for upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, thigh, calves and more! Vary the speed and change the massager heads for a variety of muscle-relaxing, stress-eliminating massage options.
Stimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy. * Promotes blood circulation and body metabolism. * Applicable for all the parts of the body * Relaxes muscles from tiredness and the pain of nerve * With speed adjusting function.
* Streamlined design, light and nice * Dual Hand Massager can massage every part of our body.
* Reduces pains caused by fatigue or rheumatism.* Eliminates spasm in the shoulder and Lower Back.
* Relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain caused by rigorous sporting activity

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