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Eggs, Meat & Fish

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Buy Egg, Meat and Fish Online at

Sometime we are unable to manage time for grocery shopping with the responsibilities of home and office. Besides, the queues, shuffling and the traffic making life more challenging. But don’t you think that all your struggle for a bag of meat product is unnecessary, when you can get the freshest meat products right at your doorstep within a click or a phone call.

You can find with us more than 100 meat products including seafood, fresh meat, fresh chicken, fresh duck meat, fresh fish, mutton, pork, lamb, buff meat, poultry & eggs, frozen meat, dry meat, lunch meat and  many more from trustable brands such as Lah, Pandaz, Super Quality and more, which you can’t find easily nearby your grocery stores. Shop with us and make your life easy and hassle free.

Choose from Our Huge Range of Egg, Meat and Fish at

We bring the varieties of egg, meat and fish products, whether you are looking for seafood, fresh chicken, fresh duck meat, fresh fish, mutton, pork, lamb, buff meat,  poultry & eggs, frozen meat, dry meat or lunch meat.

Seafood: We have extensive collection of tempt your taste buds including Tuna solid in vegetable oil, Mackerel in tomato sauce Roza, Roza fried mackerel with chilli, urban large prawns value pack, roza sardine in tomato sauce with masala, roza sardine in tomato sauce with cumin, roza sardine in tomato sauce and many more.

Fresh meat: There’s a range of fresh meat items including chicken boneless breast, chicken lolly, chicken mince, chicken wings, chicken whole leg, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken drumstick, chicken cubes, chicken boneless breast,  whole duck, duck boneless breast, tenderloin mince, tenderloin fillet, pork ribs, pork cube, pork mince, pork chop slice, pork belly, mutton mince, mutton cubes, lamb leg steak, ham slice and many more.

Frozen meat: We have huge selection of frozen meat including buff sausage, buff cocktail sausage, tenderloin roll, chicken sausage, smoked bacon, smoked buff salami, buff round meat and many other from leading brand Lah, Pandaz, Super Quality and more.

Dry meat: We offer wide range of dry meat of all kinds such as dried yak meat, dried buff meat, dried lamb meat and many more.

Luncheon meat: We have some lunch meat options too including chicken luncheon meat, pork luncheon meat and many more.


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