Farlin Cloth Detergent 2000ml BF-300-2

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Washing baby clothes with regular laundry detergent is not always safe for your baby because laundry detergents use harsh chemicals that may cause your baby discomfort. The Farlin Baby Clothing Detergent is specially designed with your baby's health and hygiene in mind.


  • Natural, non-phosphorus, non-fluorescence, mild and non-stimulation; suitable for all family use.
  • Anti-bacteria and superior cleaning effects.
  • Efficiently removes greasy dirt and stain, does not hurt the fabric or fade the color.
  • Gentle bubble, east to rinse, unique anti-stink formula, makes the clothes softer and a delicate fragrance smell after washing.


  • Read the instructions before use, and follow the washing note of the clothes.
  • If the clothes is spotted with food remnants or dirt, handle immediately; wash first with clear water, then wash as regular procedures.
  • For stubborn dirt, applying the undiluted detergent on the spot may clean more effectively. For clothes with big different dirtiness, please wash separately.


  • Wet the clothes with clean water and pour proper amount of detergent, mix averagely and immerse.
  • Clean the excrements from the diaper first before immersing into the water completely (Water must cover all over the diaper to avoid the growth of mold). Do not immerse more than 60 minutes, to avoid the dirt back-pollute the clothes. Hand-wash or machine-wash thoroughly after immerse.



  • Pour proper amount of detergent according to the water amount in the washing machine.



  • Keep in cool place and out of the reach of children.
  • For tend-to-chap skin or long time non-dilute use, please wear housework gloves.
  • Before washing, test if the clothes color is fading by applying the detergent on un-noticeable corner of the clothes. Wash the color-fading clothes separately.


  • In case this product is drunk carelessly, drink plenty of water.
  • In case get into eyes, do not rub the eyes; rinse the eyes with water thoroughly.
  • Go to the doctor if anything abnormal.