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Get rid of labor-intensive kitchen tasks, get a Mixer.

Thulo .Com
Sep 10, 2021

Mixer Buying Guide

Food mixers can take a lot of the effort out of labour-intensive kitchen tasks, including kneading, whipping and beating. This guide to buying a mixer should enable you to judge which product will best suit your domestic needs.


1. Types of Mixers

Deciding which mixer to buy will depend on how often you use it and what you expect to use it for.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a countertop appliance that comes with a dough hook, whisk and beater as standard. With a large basin attached, they can tackle high-volume mixing tasks for cakes, batter or dough.

Hand Mixer

These handheld tools usually have twin beaters, which fold plenty of air into mixtures, making them ideal for cake and mousse preparation.

Stick Mixer

Stick mixers - also sometimes called hand blenders - are the smallest appliance in the set. Simply place the stick mixer into a bowl of soup or puree for quick and easy blending.

2. Speed Variation and Settings

Mixers tend to be favoured by keen bakers, so finding an appliance that has a number of speed settings may be important. Whisking must be done at high speeds, while dough preparation is much slower. Some models even have a slow start feature that begins at a slower pace but builds up to higher speeds.

3. Motor Power and Wattage

Power will be an important consideration when buying a mixer, particularly with stand mixers where it will need to cope with large batches of food. Weaker motors may be prone to overheating, so picking models with a higher wattage may be a good idea if you will be using the appliance frequently. You should also check how long the manufacturer's warranty lasts.

However, Kitchen-Aid mixers have a lower wattage but the motors efficiently uses all of the power produced.

4. Attachments and Additional Features

While mixers are primarily for baking, they do come with a range of attachments and features to tackle a variety of tasks.

Mixer Attachements

Pasta maker



Food slicer/shredder

Juice extractor

Dough Kneader

Mixer features

Electronic speed sensor for different load conditions

Extra-power settings

Safety locks

Tilt-head design

Planetary mixing capabilities to ensure all ingredients are fully mixed

5. Size and Weight

Weight and size are more likely to be a concern for hand and stick mixers, although you may want an easy-to-lift stand mixer if you tidy it away after use. When gauging how heavy mixers are, remember that you may be holding it for several minutes when whisking or beating - an appliance may not feel heavy at first, but it can quickly become cumbersome after a while.


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