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रु 296
Detergent powder (with herbal contents) . Washing clothes with safety for skin. Patanjali Ayurveda prepares high-quality detergent powder having mix of...

Minimum quantity for "Patanjali Premium Detergent Powder - 1kg" is 1.

रु 83
Gem Dustpan

Minimum quantity for "Gem Dustpan" is 1.

रु 800
AVA is 100% plant based, animal fat-free fabric softener that gives you: Long Lasting Fragrance                Easier Ironing...

Minimum quantity for "AVA Fabric Softener Aroma Floral - 3liter + Kuat Harimau Powder Detergent Lemon - 450g FREE" is 1.

रु 55
Gives brilliant stain removal Works in the hardest of water Ensures white & glowing color

Minimum quantity for "Nirma Yellow Washing Powder (Detergent Powder) 500g" is 1.

रु 127
Gem Multipurpose Container

Minimum quantity for "Gem Multipurpose Container" is 1.

रु 195
Round bucket without squeezer

Minimum quantity for "Mondial Scopazza Round Bucket" is 1.

रु 500
Titiz Microfiber Mop Refill

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Microfiber Mop Refill (TTZ-864)" is 1.

रु 690
Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover's powerful foam penetrates deeply to rapidly remove and wipe out stubborn stains and mold roots! It also helps to...

Minimum quantity for "Kao Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover Trigger - 400ml" is 1.

रु 310
Titiz Square Basket 

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Square Basket (TP-685)" is 1.

रु 645
Titiz Foldable Dustpan Set

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Foldable Dustpan Set" is 1.

रु 220 रु 210
Brand: Xtraa Category: Clothes Type: Detergent Bar Weight: 200g x 6 100% Vegetarian Price: Rs.220 Payment Option: Cash on Delivery (Inside...

Minimum quantity for "Xtraa Laundry Soap 100% Vegetarian - 200gx6" is 1.

रु 390
Titiz Floor Broom Butterfly

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Butterfly Maxi Floor Brush (TP-516)" is 1.

रु 125
Glass cleaner that removes dirt and dust Gives more shine across glass & shiny surfaces Cleans the glass crystal clear

Minimum quantity for "Colin Glass Cleaner with Dettol Cool Soap 75g | 500ml |" is 1.

रु 120
Perfect for cleaning glass, windows and more! Removes fingerprints, smudges and smears Leaves an unbeatable* streak-free shine!...

Minimum quantity for "Do - Clean Glass Cleaner Trigger Bottle, Original Blue 500Ml" is 1.

रु 585
For over fifty years Mondial is a reference company in the field of production of brooms and items for household cleaning. Research, production always in...

Minimum quantity for "Mondial Sorghum Small W/Short Handle Broom" is 1.

रु 140
Plastic100% 150gram  Kills clothes moths, eggs & larvae Place in your closet or storage area to protect your clothes. Made...

Minimum quantity for "DO-Clean Napthalene Balls 150G" is 1.

रु 195 रु 190
Ariel Matic has been developed to bring you Indias best stain removal in 1 wash for front loading washing machines. Especially designed to be used in front...

Minimum quantity for "Ariel Detergent Matic Front Load 500g - (KH-287)" is 1.

रु 400
Specifications : Rin powder 3 kg Product Name : Rin Shakti Fabric Wash Powder 3kg Quantity : 3kg Description : Rin Brand : Rin Shakti

रु 85
Multi enzyme with oxygen cleaning power Wipe out tough stains More suds Biodegradable

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Powder Detergent Heavy Duty - 150g" is 1.

रु 450
Titiz Microfiber Mop Refill - 60cm

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Microfiber Mop Refill - 60cm" is 1.

रु 95
Titiz Ice Scraper

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Ice Scraper" is 1.

रु 130
Multipurpose scrubber for a sparkling bathroom Diamond shaped netting enables non-scratch tough cleaning of taps, wash basin and other bathroom...

Minimum quantity for "Scotch Brite Bathroom Net Sponge Non- Scratch Tough Cleaning" is 1.

रु 30
High-quality detergent powder Removes spots and dirt gently Brightens whites

Minimum quantity for "Nirma Advance Washing Powder (Detergent Powder) 165g" is 1.

रु 80
How To Use: Tear the pouch from the top Take out the odonil smile pad Hang it at the desired place

Minimum quantity for "Odonil Smile Miami Dream Air Freshener 10g" is 1.

रु 322
Odonil Air Fresheners are available in 'Block' formats Odonil Blocks are small space fragrances which can be used in your bathrooms, home, toilet and...

Minimum quantity for "Dabur Odonil Air Freshener Blocks Mix - 75g" is 1.

रु 999
The Mi Robot Vacuum Сleaner smart vacuum cleaner uses an 11-layer filtration system that provides the most efficient dust removal process. The level...

Minimum quantity for "Mi Framed Filter For Mi Robot Vaccum Cleaner" is 1.

रु 850
Farlin Baby Clothing Detergent Refill Pack is specially designed only for children to suit their skin, not causing any allergic reaction. This Laundry...

Minimum quantity for "Farlin Cloth Detergent(Refill)800ML CB-10005" is 1.

रु 235
SofScrub Deep Action Cream Cleanser is your ideal concentrated, deep-action cream cleanser. Its powerful formula effortlessly removes the most stubborn and...

Minimum quantity for "SofScrub Deep Action Cream Cleanser Lemon - 500ml" is 1.

रु 335
Godrej Stella Aerosol Orange 400 ml 

Minimum quantity for "Godrej Stella Aerosol Orange 400 ml" is 1.

रु 110
Alley scouring powder with lemon removes all stubborn dirt for hard surfaces. Helps nature with its environmentally friendly and bio-degradable...

Minimum quantity for "Alley Scouring Powder Lemon 500g" is 1.

रु 1100
Anti-Malodour Kills 99.9% Bacteria Removes Tough Stains Gentle on Fabric Refreshing Fragrance

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Super-K Fast Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent - 2.7kg" is 1.

रु 230
Refreshing scent Removes stubborn stain Whitens white

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Powder Detergent White Tec - 800g" is 1.

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