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Kitchen Paper Towels are certified to be safe to be in contact with food, making them ideal for lining bowls before nesting food on top or to blot excess...
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Minimum quantity for "Paseo Plain Kitchen Towel 2 Ply, 70 Sheets - Emboss" is 1.

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Do Clean Toilet cleaner +300ml free - 500ml Cleaning the toilet is often the most hated and one house chore that tops the list of the worst house...

Minimum quantity for "Do Clean Toilet cleaner +300ml free - 500ml" is 1.

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Gem Plastic Swing Dustbin - 409

Minimum quantity for "Gem Plastic Swing Dustbin - 409" is 1.

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Alley Active removes lime and soap residue from bathrooms, shower cabins and sinks. It gives a deep hygienic cleanse and brings back shine in faded...

Minimum quantity for "Alley Active Faucet & Shower 500ml" is 1.

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Scotch-Brite Aloe Vera Coated Gloves protect hands from contact with cleansers, harsh detergents and water. They have a soft lining coated with...

Minimum quantity for "3m Scotch-brite Aloe Vera Coated Gloves 1 Pair-Large" is 1.

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CIF Glass Cleaner- 520 ml Ammonia Free Multi Surface Cleaner for Glass, Mirrors, Chrome & Stainless Steel Grease and Grime...

Minimum quantity for "CIF Glass Cleaner- 520 ml" is 1.

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Clean your dishes by using one of the most powerful and strong Vim Superpower Dishwash Powder. It is best at illuminating all sorts of toughest or...

Minimum quantity for "Vim Super Power Dishwash Powder 500g" is 1.

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Alley glass cleaner brings back shine without streaks of scratches and directly removes dirt and stains thanks to the special formula. The pleasant scent...

Minimum quantity for "Alley Glass Cleaner Ocean 500ml" is 1.

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Brand: Xtraa Category: Clothes Type: Detergent Bar Weight: 220g 100% Vegetarian Price: Rs.40 Payment Option: Cash on Delivery (Inside...

Minimum quantity for "Xtraa Laundry Soap 100% Vegetarian - 220g" is 1.

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This kitchen bleach helps to easily get rid of stubborn stains. It deodorises and disinfect kitchen linens and untensils for more hygenic food...

Minimum quantity for "Kao Green Apple Scent Kitchen Cleaner 500ml" is 1.

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Get the benefits of aromatherapy even while performing mundane tasks such as washing dishes. Aromatherapy or treatment using scents is the use of essential...

Minimum quantity for "Mind & Spirit Dishwashing Liquid Relaxing - 650ml" is 1.

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Get rid of stubborn stains and bacteria! Effectively deodorise and disinfect kitchen linens and utensils for more hygienic food preparation. Good for...

Minimum quantity for "Kao Magiclean Kitchen Bleach 600ml" is 1.

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Alley Softeners special formula adds softness and freshness to your laundry. The pleasant scent of various flowers will keep your clothes smelling fresh...

Minimum quantity for "Alley Softener Rose Passion - 980 ml" is 1.

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Removes stains and germs Makes clothes fragrant Adds shine and whitness

Minimum quantity for "Nirma White Detergent Cake 290g" is 1.

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Godrej Stella Aerosol Rose 400 ml

Minimum quantity for "Godrej Stella Aerosol Rose 400 ml" is 1.

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New & improved Attack Liquid Ultra Power Advanced Anti-bacterial laundry detergent effectively removes stains and bacteria during wash and also inhibits...

Minimum quantity for "Kao Attack Liquid Ultra Power Liquid Refill 1.6kg" is 1.

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Can Be Used For (Wet, Dry, E Waste) Garbage Waste Management Bin With Strong And Durable Body,Enhances The Appearance Of Your Room & Allows You...

Minimum quantity for "4 In 1 Dustbin, Broom, Wipe, Soap Case (Combo 6)" is 1.

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Specifications : Rin powder 3 kg Product Name : Rin Shakti Fabric Wash Powder 3kg Quantity : 3kg Description : Rin Brand : Rin Shakti

रु 395
Adjustable handle angle. This way you can use for different needs with a single brush.

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Planet Floor Brush (TP-506)" is 1.

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Brand: Adidas Model: DT7954 Material (Back side): 100% recycled polyester Material (Palm): 100% polyurethane (imitation of the skin) Material...

Minimum quantity for "Adidas Grey/Black Primeknit Fitness Gloves For Men" is 1.

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Dish Washing Liquid Lemon Flavour 900ml

Minimum quantity for "Win Dish Washing Liquid Tangy Lemon - 900ml" is 1.

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Brand: Dhoni Category: Utensil Cleaner Type: Dishwash Bar Weight: 95g Antibacterial With Ashes & Lime Price: Rs.10 Payment Option: Cash on...

Minimum quantity for "Dhoni Herbal Dish Wash Bar Zero Wastage 95g - Antibacterial With Ashes & Lime" is 1.

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Petals is an animal fat-free fabric softener made from 100% plant-based active ingredients. Super-Concentrated, with up to 3 times the concentration...

Minimum quantity for "AVA Petals Sensuous Floral Fabric Softener - 900ml" is 1.

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How To Use: Tear the pouch from the top Take out the odonil smile pad Hang it at the desired place

Minimum quantity for "Odonil Smile Spanish Sunset Air Freshener 10g" is 1.

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Kuat Harimau M&S dish wash liquid Stimulating Alovera Extract - 500Ltr. The Kuat Harimau brand came from Singapore. Gel dishwasher detergent...

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau M&S dish wash liquid Stimulating Alovera Extract - 500Ltr." is 1.

रु 1000
Coloursafe Oxygem Bleach Removes Stubborn Stains Gentle on Fabric Eliminate Malodour

Minimum quantity for "Triple Dice Detergent Powder Lemon Burst - 4.5kg" is 1.

रु 100
Titiz Bottle and Feeding Bottle Brush

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Bottle and Feeding Bottle Brush (TP-152)" is 1.

रु 155
Gentle to hands but extremely effective against oils and grease.

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Dish Washing Liquid Lemon - 500ml" is 1.

रु 210
Get the benefits of aromatherapy even while performing mundane tasks such as washing dishes. Aromatherapy or treatment using scents is the use of essential...

Minimum quantity for "Mind & Spirit Dishwashing Liquid Stimulating - 650ml" is 1.

रु 390
Titiz Floor Broom Butterfly

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Butterfly Maxi Floor Brush (TP-516)" is 1.

रु 540
Removes stubborn stain Whitens white Brighter colour With fragrance of Aroma Roses

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Powder Detergent Roses - 2.5kg" is 1.

रु 185
Dish Washing Liquid Lime Flavour 900ml

Minimum quantity for "Win Dish Washing Liquid Cool Lime - 900ml" is 1.

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