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रु 135
High-quality detergent powder Removes spots and dirt gently Brightens whites

Minimum quantity for "Nirma Advance Washing Powder (Detergent Powder) 1 Kg" is 1.

रु 190
Trusted dettol formula protects from 100 illness causing germs Cleans and disinfects multiple surfaces like dishes, kitchen sinks and slabs....

Minimum quantity for "Dettol Kitchen Cleaner 400ml - Lime Splash (डेटोल किचन क्लिनर)" is 1.

रु 200
Powerfull all purpose bleach that Whitens & cleans Removes stains Disinfects

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Bleach Lemon - 900ml" is 1.

रु 1000
Coloursafe Oxygem Bleach Removes Stubborn Stains Gentle on Fabric Eliminate Malodour

Minimum quantity for "Triple Dice Detergent Powder Lemon Burst - 4.5kg" is 1.

रु 920
Detergent Powder Fresh Scent 4kg

Minimum quantity for "Anchor Detergent Powder Fresh Scent - 4kg" is 1.

रु 3500 रु 2499
Features:  100% new quality Magnetic double-sided window cleaner. Clean windows quickly and efficiently Cleaning and...

Minimum quantity for "5-12mm Glass Double-Sided Window Magnetic Clean Non-Slip Wiper" is 1.

रु 150
Suitable for all types of dishes and cooking utensils. Effective in removing all types of grime and grease especially on pots and pans.

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Dishwashing Paste Baking Soda - 400g" is 1.

रु 165
Toilet brush with plastic handle

Minimum quantity for "Mondial Scopazza Toilet Brush" is 1.

रु 265
Alley all-purpose cleaner can be used on all washable surfaces where thorough, hygienic cleaning is required. It removes dirt and stains without leaving...

Minimum quantity for "Alley Surface Cleaner Pine 1 Ltr." is 1.

रु 450
Mesh wastebasket offers a sleek industrial look and simple everyday convenience Made of durable steel wire mesh in black; reinforced with solid...

Minimum quantity for "Black Coloured Steel Mesh Dustbin (TP-1159)" is 1.

रु 102
Use directly or diluted for regular use, suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces Can be used in hospitals, home or anywhere to clean germs...

Minimum quantity for "Do-clean White Phenyl 500Ml" is 1.

रु 900
Compact, contemporary swing-top waste can designed for small spaces and under-cabinet use Name: Huazhen Flip Top Plastic Trash Bin - Large...

Minimum quantity for "Huazhen Flip Top Plastic Trash Bin - Large (TP-1162)" is 1.

रु 1045
Simple and elegant design Automatically opens the lid during operation, also turns off automatically when you remove items Easy to use Light in...

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Lobby Dustpan Set (TP-135)" is 1.

रु 175
Titiz Toilet Pump Small

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Toilet Pump Small (TP-102)" is 1.

रु 88
Contains 1 unit (10g) of Godrej aer pocket bathroom fragrance. Variant - Violet Valley Bloom Godrej aer pocket, Bathroom Air Fragrance - Violet...

Minimum quantity for "Godrej Aer Pocket Bathroom Fragrance - 10g Violet Valley Bloom" is 1.

रु 310
Titiz Square Basket 

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Square Basket (TP-685)" is 1.

रु 580

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Twist Toilet Brush Set" is 1.

रु 80
How To Use: Tear the pouch from the top Take out the odonil smile pad Hang it at the desired place

Minimum quantity for "Odonil Smile Miami Dream Air Freshener 10g" is 1.

रु 40
Don Xpert Laundry Soap 15% Extra - 100% Vegeterian

Minimum quantity for "Don Xpert Laundry Soap 15% Extra - 100% Vegeterian" is 1.

रु 20
Brand: Dhoni Category: Utensil Cleaner Type: Dishwash Bar Weight: 200g Antibacterial With Ashes & Lime Price: Rs.20 Payment Option: Cash...

Minimum quantity for "Dhoni Herbal Dish Wash Bar Zero Wastage 200g - Antibacterial With Ashes & Lime" is 1.

रु 405
Titiz Magic Dustpan Set

Minimum quantity for "Titiz Magic Dustpan Set (TP-161)" is 1.

रु 290
Get the benefits of aromatherapy even while performing mundane tasks such as washing dishes. Aromatherapy or treatment using scents is the use of essential...

Minimum quantity for "Mind & Spirit Dishwashing Liquid Stimulating - 1litre" is 1.

रु 885
Oval bucket with 13lt squeezer

Minimum quantity for "Mondial Scopazza Oval Bucket w/ Squeezer" is 1.

रु 210
Removes stubborn stain Whitens white Brighter colour With fragrance of Aroma Roses

Minimum quantity for "Kuat Harimau Pewangi Powder Detergent Aroma Roses - 750g" is 1.

रु 975
Oval bucket with 15l squeezer

Minimum quantity for "Mondial Scopazza Oval Bucket w/ Squeezer" is 1.

रु 104
Revive Instant Starch offer stiffness, a professional protection against harmful bacteria. It can be used on washed garments. It powder gives you the...

Minimum quantity for "Revive powder 200 gm (MARICO-0045)" is 1.

रु 275
It doesn’t leave streaks and it has excellent duration.

Minimum quantity for "Mondial Scopazza Cotton Mop | 170g |" is 1.

रु 2000 रु 1890
Product Name : Magic Bottle Aromatherapy Humidifier Dimension : 98mm x 98mm x 203mm Power : USB 5V, 800mA, 4W Usage Time : 4.5 Hour Type :...

Minimum quantity for "Magic Bottle Aromatherapy Humidifier" is 1.

रु 260
Alley softeners special formula adds softness and freshness to your laundry. The pleasant scent of various flowers will keep your clothes smelling fresh...

Minimum quantity for "Alley Softener Violet Secret - 980ml" is 1.

रु 10
Don Anti Bacterial Detergent Bar - Super Bright Formula

Minimum quantity for "Don Anti Bacterial Detergent Bar - Super Bright Formula" is 1.

रु 115
ATM Air Freshener 35g

Minimum quantity for "ATM Air Freshener 70g" is 1.

रु 140
Patanjali super dish wash gel with neem and lemon. Volume 500 Milliliters Units 500 milliliters...

Minimum quantity for "Patanjali Super Dish Wash Gel - Rakh & Lemon, 500ml Bottle" is 1.

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