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Imasafe Reusable Menstrual Cup, Highly Certified Medical Grade Silicone - Large Size

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In stock
10 Days
Pay by Coins:1250 reward points
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 Imasafe Menstrual cups offer several benefits compared to sanitary pads and tampons. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Eco-friendly: Menstrual cups are reusable and produce significantly less waste compared to disposable pads and tampons. By using a menstrual cup, you can greatly reduce your environmental impact.

  2. Cost-effective: While menstrual cups have a higher upfront cost, they can last for several years, saving you money in the long run. In contrast, pads and tampons need to be purchased regularly, leading to ongoing expenses.

  3. Longer-lasting protection: Menstrual cups can typically be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying, depending on your flow. This is longer than the recommended time for pads and tampons, which usually require more frequent changes.

  4. Reduced odor and moisture: Menstrual cups collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it, which can help minimize odor. Additionally, cups do not cause the same level of moisture that pads and tampons can sometimes lead to.

  5. Increased capacity: Menstrual cups have a higher capacity compared to most tampons and pads. This makes them suitable for heavy flow days or overnight use, providing extended protection without the need for frequent changes.

  6. Comfort and flexibility: Once inserted correctly, menstrual cups are often unnoticeable and do not cause discomfort or irritation. They allow for greater freedom of movement, including activities like swimming, exercising, and sleeping.

  7. Lower risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS): Unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not carry the same risk of TSS, a rare but serious bacterial infection associated with prolonged tampon use.


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