About us

Grihini Foods Udhyog Another Pickle business with similar tastes of pickle? We follow traditional recipes to give people the taste of what they are acquainted to, and what they like. But our operations are not traditional. We believe in women empowerment and that is our vision, to make these homemakers financially independent, empower them So what did you do? We started Grihni Food Udhyog. Women homemakers make pickle for us that we sell in the market. We deliver groceries to women, they follow a standardized recipe, we pick the prepared pickle and sell it in the market. These women get a share of the profit and their photos and name are added to the bottles of the pickle so that our customers know the hands that made their pickle Isn’t it unsafe as women can mix any kind of ingredients? We have a standardized recipe. Women follow the step through an app and the app validates the steps by asking women to take a photo at different intervals. We will streamline the process in the future further, but this is how we make sure women dont mix any of their ingredients I heard that you have only one pickle. Why only one pickle? We care about our customers and want to deliver the best product to them. We are starting with one pickle and after conducting pilot testing, standardization, quality check, we will deliver them that product. In future we will add more pickles following the same process. What is the only pickle you have introduced? It is Desna Sweet Bomb Lapsi Achar. It is a seasonal picle and is rich in Vitamin C which is good for ur immunity specially during these times when we are in a pandemic and affected by Corona. We have received great reviews. One of them said they finished one bottle in just 2 days. Desna? Yes, Desna is our brand. It means offering, a gift. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of food is mom. My mom is blessed with the best gift cooking and she offers this gift to us by her amazing recipes and cooking. Why glass bottle for packaging? Plastic contains BPA and other plastic toxins that can make their way into your bloodstream, which can cause a host of problems including various cancers as well as liver and kidney damage. It is extremely harmful for the nature as well. Pickle is a process of fermentation and glass bottles make sure the bottles dont react with the pickle unlike plastic bottles. Wow you guys are doing a great job. Thanks. We are however facing a lot of challenges too. We are trying to get to the market which will enable us to partner with more women. Last comment, dont buy us to help these women. Try our product, we guarantee you, you will love it and will want more :)