Neoplast - Clear Plastic Bandage ,Transparent Breathable (100 Strips/Pack)

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Brand: Farlin
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Brand: Farlin
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  • Clear plastic plaster Suitable for wounds, minor wound such as wounds caused by sharp objects, abrasions, tight sticking, durable, not easy to fall off. 
  • Good ventilation Causing no accumulation and dampness Before using plaster, clean the wound and apply it first. 
  • Do not use plaster to close the wound for a long time. 
  • Should allow the wound to touch the air to make the wound dry faster 
  • This product does not contain every component of natural rubber adhesive.
  • It is packed in a clean, sealed pouch

How to use

  • Clean the wound thoroughly. Then dry completely
  • Tear the paper envelope
  • Pull the plaster from the envelope. Peel the plastic strip out.
  • Apply the wound lining to the wound area.
  • Use your fingers to gently rub on the surrounding plaster. To make the plaster close to the skin


  • Children should be used under adult supervision. 


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