Sara Foods Flax Seed Roasted Powder - 200Gm

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Sara Foods Flax Seed Roasted Powder - 200Gm

Health Benefits:

  • Flaxseeds Are Loaded With Nutrients
  • Flaxseeds Are High in Omega-3 Fats
  • Flaxseeds Are a Rich Source of Lignans, Which May Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Flaxseeds Are Rich in Dietary Fiber
  • Flaxseeds May Improve Cholesterol
  • Flaxseeds May Lower Blood Pressure
  • They Contain High-QualIty Protein
  • Flaxseeds May Help Control Blood Sugar
  • Flaxseeds Keep Hunger at Bay, Which May Aid Weight Control
  • Flaxseeds Can Be a Versatile Ingredient
  • Flax seed Roasted powder 200gm


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