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  • The Eversafe 1kg ABC Dry Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher is a new product designed with rigid quality and provides quick control over fire.
  • The dry powder agents are ammonium sulfate and monoammonium phosphate non-conductor stops of electricity, thus it effectively smothers fire of class A, ,B, C and electrical fires.
  • Its miniature size comes in handy when needed and can be easily kept under the car seat or in the house.

Product details:

  • Extinguishant Agent: Mono-Ammonium Dry Chemical Powder-ABC
  • Type: Stored Pressure Multi Purpose Type.
  • Propellant: Nitrogen
  • Fire Class: A,B, C,+E Class.
  • Mounting: Vehicle Bracket.
  • Working Pressure: 12 Bar.
  • Tested Pressure: 25 Bar.
  • Certifications: Malaysian Standard.


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