Joy Skin Fruit Active Moisture Body Lotion 300ml

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It revitalizes the skin’s youthful beauty. Skin is renewed naturally. Daily use results in softer, shinning skin. Joy Skin Fruits Active Moisture Fruit Moisturising Body Lotioncontains fruit extracts, jojoba and almond oils which moisturize intensively.

The skin benefits of active fruit extracts are well known. Apart from imparting glowing skin and moisturizing effects to the skin, they ensure de-stressing. The very smell of fruits rejuvenates the skin. Who doesn’t love healthy looking glowing skin in winters, right? I loved the ingredients list of Joy Skin Fruits Active Moisture Fruit Moisturizing Body Lotion. The goodness of almonds provides required Vitamin E in the skin, while Jojoba oil gets easily absorbed by the skin and results in overcoming dryness and retaining healthy, youthful skin.

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