Mi Car Air Purifier - Air Purifier Inside Vehicle

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  • Dual blower recycle gas stream, purification of the air inside the vehicle
  • Three sides into the wind, Cycle three sides into the wind, increasing the inlet area of the interior air charge to give split-cycle, to enhance the purification efficiency.
  • Innovative car clean installation bumpy road safety remains strong: There are good air accompanied the car safe and secure facility of the same weight to. Mi car air purifier innovative fixed square type, with the car headrest, let Mi car air purifier firmly fixed, even in the face bumpy road, but also to ensure stable given security.
  • APP intelligent control car air quality at a glance: Open Mi APP, view real-time changes in air quality inside the car, and according to the actual need to adjust their own mode of operation. At the same time, APP features a filter change reminders, and purchase a key link, the degree of wear and tear intimate inform cartridge.
  • PM2.5 particulate filter | 60m³ / H particles CADR, silent mode | wheel fan mirroring
  • Air circulation from back to front, so that clean air is filled every corner of the car
  • The internal structure of the space vehicle, the recommended vehicle-mounted air purifier Mi mounted on the back of the rear seat headrest, so that the purified clean air outlet angle can be smoothly circulated in the cabin as a whole. Rapid movement along the roof to the front of the cabin driving, and then along the side of the door, the vehicle floor, front routed back spread throughout the cabin, the vehicle form a cycle.
  • 1 Year Warranty

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