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Ms. Basu Maya Tamang (Nepali Mann Udhyog)

Thulo .Com
Sep 13, 2020

Nepali Man Udhyog, an ISO certified company, was founded in 2010 by Basu Maya Tamang. As a local
of the northern side of Dhading district, she decided to use the almost extinct herb known as timmur and
innovated it by using it as a pickle. Her products consist of traditionally powdered chilly and Sichuan
pepper or timmur chhop (powdery achaar prepared by grinding edible oily seeds or spices and salt) mixed
with pickles and come in different flavors such as buff, chicken, and shrimp. Sichuan peppers are known
to have a multitude of health benefits. These peppers contain a high level of minerals and antioxidants
such as potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium, which helps improve immunity,
stimulate blood circulation and appetite, strengthen bones, lowers blood pressure, and supports the
digestive system. These pickles are not only used as condiments to rice but can be eaten with all kinds of
popular Nepali food such as chowmein, wai wai, sel roti, etc. It is also consumed as a snack that
complements alcohol.

Basu Maya reflects back on her early days, and realized that she was lacking in many skills and
knowledge that was required to become a successful entrepreneur. In 2015 she attended a training
program organized by FWEAN and learned to make a business plan, which helped her realized the
mistakes she was making. She also regularly attends many international trade expo which helps her gain
the recognition she needs for her product and create a market of her own. She believes that these events
are a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products, and they should attend it.

Business during COVID-19 and Adapting to E-commerce

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to new challenges for small businesses around the
world. They are feeling the impacts of COVID-19, regardless of size, location, or funding. One of the
largest trends that developed during this coronavirus pandemic is small businesses going online. A lot of
these businesses that never had an online existence got online, and built a presence for the first time, and
made it their primary way of conducting business. The internet now remains a lifeline for these
businesses, helping them to stay afloat during this trying time. In order to address the crisis that is
happening, Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations (FWEAN), together with EMERGE and launched “MA-UDHYAMI” campaign as a part of the project “Revitalizing Women’s
Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic”. It is funded by the United States Agency for International
Development (USAID). Nepali Man Udhyog products were selected to be promoted under this campaign.
Basu Maya relies on online sales to sustain her business, and employees at Nepali Man Udhyog are
engaged in fulfilling the online orders. They have risk mitigation measures in place that involve wearing
of non-medical masks or face coverings, and limiting people from sharing surfaces through physical
distancing and physical barriers.

Something to learn from Basu Maya

Basu Maya believes that innovation is key when it comes to business success. Aspiring entrepreneurs
should think of ways to stand out in a very crowded market by coming up with unique products and
solutions that address customer demands. When Basu Maya first started, there were already so many
different brands of achar. She did not want to be just another addition and thus decided take a different
route by using timmur as her core ingredient which was uncommon. ‘I feel that as an entrepreneur we
need to not only focus on our customers’ demand but also ensure that there is consistency in our quality. I
do not want my customers to like my products the first time and dislike it the second time. I want them to
have the same response every time they order which quality assurance in key”.

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Story Covered by: Ms. Jaani Kandangwa


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