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Packaged Foods

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Buy Canned and Packed Food Online at

Do you rush to grab something to eat on the way to work? Do you find yourself skipping meals because you don’t have enough time for a break? Do you find it hard to eat healthily with your busy lifestyle? Don’t worry, offers you a great selection of canned and packed food which is ready to eat, ready to cook, ready to serve and ready to heat such as dried beans, canned fruits, pickles, pasta, macaroni, vermicelli & spaghetti, organic products, bhujia, dalmoth, papad, chocolates, wafers, candies & chewing gum, chips, popcorns, tortillas & namkeen, chyawanprash, frozen food, dry fruits & nuts, biscuits & cookies, instant soup, noodles & ramen and many more to help you eat healthy, balanced and nutritious diet every day with busy schedules. All products are from well known brand including Agnesi, Apis, Arbella Bambino, Bikano, Borges, Britannia, Cadbury, Cornitos, Dabur, Divella, Druk, Gaia, Haldiram’s, Hanami, Hershey, Indomie, Kellogg, Khet Bari, Knorr, Lindt, Loacker, Marico, McVitie’s, Miaow Miaow, Munchy, Nestle Nilon’s, Nissin Noodles, Parle, Pashupati, Patanjali Ayurved, Sunlee, Tastilo, Tiffany, Tiger Brand, Wai Wai and more. You can order now and get your product delivered at your doorstep in your convenient time along with great savings. Make your life easy and healthy with us.

Choose from Great Selections of Canned and Packed Food at

Making healthy food choices is not always easy that’s why we provide wide variety of canned and packed food which contain large amount of vitamins and minerals. You can find here varieties of canned and packed foods in pocket friendly price which will fill your tummy in easiest and healthiest way, whether it's about evening snacks, lunch boxes for you or your kids, tea time, making your meal more delicious or surprise your loved one.

For Evening Snack:

For your evening snacks, we have some healthiest option for you such as instant soup, noodles & ramen, pasta, macaroni, vermicelli & spaghetti, canned fruits and more from leading brands such as Agnesi, Indomie, Nissin Noodles, Nongshim, Patanjali Ayurved, Sunlee, Wai Wai, Knorr, Marico, Arbella, Bambino, Borges, Divella, Haldiram’s, Druk and many more.

For Lunch Boxes:

A healthy and good nutrition lunch boxes can do miracles for you and your children, it plays an important role in a successful day for your child and for you too. Here is some great options for lunch boxes including digestive biscuits, biscuits, cookies, cheese & water crackers, cream biscuits, chocolate biscuits, dry fruits & nuts, chips, popcorns, tortillas & namkeen, bhujia, dalmoth, from popular brand such as Britannia, Gaia, Haldiram’s, McVities, Munchy, Parle, Pashupati, Patanjali Ayurved, Tiffany, Apis, Khet Bari, Century, Cornitos, Hanami, Kellogg’s, Miaow Miaow, Bikano, Dabur, Nilon’s and many more.

For Tea Time Snack:

Give a perfect rescue to your hunger pangs with our healthy tea time snacks including bhujia, dalmoth, papad, chips, popcorns, tortillas & namkeen, dry fruits & nuts, biscuits & cookies from Britannia, Gaia, Haldiram’s, McVities, Munchy, Parle, Pashupati, Patanjali Ayurved, Tiffany,  Apis, Khet Bari, Tastilo, Miaow Miaow, Century, Cornitos, Hanami, Kellogg’s, Bikano, Dabur, Nilon’s and many more.

Make Your Meal More Delicious:

We have some great ideas to help you make the switch to eating more meal such as punjabi masala papad, baatcheet papad, mirch masala papad, medium masala papad, kali mirch papad, moong papad, sada papad, jeera papad, mango pickle, mix pickle in oil, karela ko achar, dalla pickle, green chilli pickle, lime pickle, amla pickle, sweet mango chutney, lapsi pickle, khursani ko achar, radish pickle and many more from top leading brand including Haldiram’s, Nilon’s, Druk, Patanjali Ayurved, Bikano and many other.

Surprise Your Loved One

Do you want to do something special for your beloved, but stumped for ideas? We have some of the best ways for you to surprise your loved one such as our great selections of chocolates, candies & gums from well known brand Cadbury, Dabur, Ferrero, Hershey, Lindt, Loacker, McVitie’s, Nestle, Patanjali Ayurved, Tiffany and more. Select from our huge ranges of chocolates, candies & gums and surprise your love one with our online delivery.   

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