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Press Release: 5 Most Loved Brands at MA-Udhyami Campaign

Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN), together with EMERGE (Enterprise for Management, Economic Reform and Gender Equality) and launched “MA-Udhyami” campaign as a part of the project “Revitalizing Women’s Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic”. The project is supported by USAID’s Tayar Nepal. 

The pilot project is closing on September 30, 3030 and over the period of MA-Udhyami Campaign which started from 8 July 2020, the following brands are the top five most loved brands.

  1. Sharupa Digo Hastakala Tatha Krishi Farm

Sarupa sells handmade bamboo products such as Bamboo dustbin, Bamboo pen case, cutlery tray and oval bread basket. It also sells Compost soil. The products of Sharupa are one of the most on-demand products, despite the fact that currently only essential goods are on-demand. We can say that these products have performed exceptionally well at the campaign.

Link to the products of Sharupa Digo Hastakala:

  1. Nepali Mann Udhyog (NMU)

NMU sells pickles such as Timur ko chop in a variety of flavors, which are chicken, fish and buff among others. It also sells chilli pastes and round chilli pickles. Timur ko Chop in different flavors are a hit at the campaign, which made NMU a popular name among online customers.

Link to the products of NMU:

  1. The BeeKeeping Shop (TBS)

TBS sells wide range of honey flavors such as TBS chiuri pure honey, TBS chiuri (butter tree), TBS mustard pure honey, TBS litchi pure honey, TBS pure raw honey, TBS buckwheat pure honey and TBS rudilo pure honey in various sizes. All honey items are natural and pure. TBS honey items are quite popular among online customers amongst other honey products due to its good packaging, labelling, quality and reasonable price.

Link to the products of TBS:

  1. Navaras

Navaras has a wide range of categories, from homemade pickles to tea bags. It sells pickles such as Navaras chicken pickle, emli pickle, fish pickle, gundruk fish pickle, gundruk pickle, hot chilly masala pickle, hot lemon pickle, hot nimbuwa pickle, prawn pickle, radish pickle, mushroom pickle, karela pickle, lapsi chutney, mango chutney among others. It also sells chilli sause, emli masala, furandana, kwati, tea leaf, organic green tea, black tea bags, methi masala, honey and thai chilli and much more. Navaras products are of wide variety and customers always seek for their products with much trust and reliability, also because of its already established brand image. Among many, Navaras Furandana and Chocolates are one of the most loved products.

Link to the products of Navaras:

  1. Nature Nepal

Nature Nepal sells natural soaps, body scrubs and body oils. There are different flavors of soaps such as aloe vera, divine, green tea, lemongrass, neem, papaya, honey and yak milk. Likewise, varieties of flavors of scrub and body oil are available such as orange, lemongrass, rosemary, vanilla, lavender, and geranium among others. All the products of Nature Nepal are made by beautiful hands of women, using natural ingredients. Among many, scrubs are the most-preferred product of Nature Nepal. There are really good reviews of customers and therefore Nature Nepal is one of the most loved brands at MA-Udhyami campaign. To add to this, Nature Nepal Lavender Scrub has also been shortlisted as one of the most popular products.

Link to the products of Nature Nepal:

Note: The results are based on sales and promotions data, customer queries, reviews and others received during the whole campaign.