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Press Release: Amazing hand-made products available at MA-Udhyami

To minimize the impacts of COVID 19 lockdown, Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’
Associations of Nepal (FWEAN), together with EMERGE (Enterprise for Management,
Economic Reform and Gender Equality) and launched “MA-Udhyami” campaign
as a part of the project “Revitalizing Women’s Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic”.
The project is being funded by the United States Agency for International Development

Commenced with limited products of women entrepreneurs, currently, there are more than
220 hand-made products listed under the MA-Udhyami campaign. The products belong to a
variety of categories such as Food & Cooking, Health & Safety, Personal Care, Packaged
Food & Snacks and Arts & Crafts. Further, there are 24 sub-categories. Under the Food &
Cooking category, there are Daal & Beans, Dried Vegetables, Flour/Pitho/Grits, Honey,
Masala & Spices, Rice & Staples, Tea & Tea Bags. Likewise, under the Health & Safety
category there are Compost Soil, Floor Cleaner, Herbs & Medicine, Mask, Massage Oil,
Sanitary Pads, Food Supplement. Similarly, under the Personal Care category there are Body
Scrub, Hand Sanitizer, Handmade Soap and Handwash. Within the Packaged Food & Snacks
category there are Chocolates & Sweets, Dry Fruits, Paun, Pickles and Snacks. Finally, under
the Arts & Crafts category Bamboo products are made available.

Considering the COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on consumers’ requirement and also
ability to purchase, currently, the products available are essential products. Among the
products available under the campaign, most of the products are being loved by the
consumers. Paun, furandana, chia seed, organic basmati rice, bamboo cutlery tray, timur
chhop with chicken/fish/buff, white beans, bamboo dustbin, reusable sanitary pad, honey,
achar, masaura and gundruk are some of the on-demand products.


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