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Press Release: Know the Brands available at MA-Udhyami

Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN), together with
EMERGE (Enterprise for Management, Economic Reform and Gender Equality) and launched “MA-Udhyami” campaign as a part of the project “Revitalizing
Women’s Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic”. The project is being funded by the
United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Currently, this campaign is in its pilot phase, and there are 17 women led-businesses and 18
brands, mostly from marginalized groups, running micro and small scale production
businesses, of Kathmandu and Lalitpur area, comprising both members and non-members of
FWEAN. Under this pilot phase of MA-Udhyami those women led-businesses which have
not been connected or made robust sales through other digital platforms, with products that
meet the criteria as set by the project in terms of product quality, labeling and packaging,
have been on board.

You can find the available brands and brief information about products below: 
1. Champak: Champak sells candies, typically called ‘paun’ in the local language. It
has variety of candies such as Champak rato candy, Champak seto candy, Champak
dallo paun, Champak masala candy, Champak amala paun, Champak jhol paun,
Champak chatpat paun, Champak mix pack among others.
Link to the products of Champak:

2. Craft Palace: Craft Palace sells Allo masks made up of natural fiber nettle materials,
Hemp cotton mask and Cotton mask.
Link to the products of Craft Palace:

3. Ekadesma: Ekadesma sells 100% natural fabric handmade face Masks, which are
great for virus protection. Also, the masks are breathable, biodegradable and fully
Link to the products of Ekadesma:

4. Free Wheel: Free Wheel sells reusable Sanitary Pad, which are made up of high-
quality cotton fabrics and are eco-friendly, hygienic, easy to use and economical.
Link to the products of Free Wheel:

5. Kasti: Kasti sells honey in different flavors such as Chiuri, buckwheat and mustard.
Additionally, it also has a combo pack of honey especially for gift purposes.
Link to the products of Kasti:

6. Mahi Enterprises: Mahi Enterprises sells dried vegetables such as Masyaura, Mung
titaura, Tama, Gundruk and more. It also has other food varieties such as Pickles,
Millet, Chhop among others.
Link to the products of Mahi Enterprises:

7. Mountain Bee Concern: Mountain Bee Concern sells different kinds of honey such
as Phaper honey, Rudilo honey, Rock honey and Raw honey among others.
Link to the products of Mountain Bee Concern:

8. Nature Nepal: Nature Nepal sells natural soaps, body scrubs and body oils. There are
different flavors of soaps such as aloe vera, divine, green tea, lemongrass, neem,
papaya, honey and yak milk. Likewise, varieties of flavors of scrub and body oil are
available such as orange, lemongrass, rosemary, vanila, lavender, geranium among
others. All the products of Nature Nepal are made by beautiful hands of women, using
natural ingredients.
Link to the products of Nature Nepal:

9. Navaras: Navaras has a wide range of categories, from homemade pickles to tea
bags. It sells pickles such as Navaras chicken pickle, emli pickle, fish pickle, gundruk
fish pickle, gundruk pickle, hot chilly masala pickle, hot lemon pickle, hot nimbuwa
pickle, prawn pickle, radish pickle, mushroom pickle, karela pickle, lapsi chutney,
mango chutney among others. It also sells chilli sause, emli masala, furandana, kwati,
tea leaf, organic green tea, black tea bags, methi masala, honey and thai chilly and
much more.
Link to the products of Navaras:

10. Nepali Maan Udhyog (NMU): NMU sells pickles such as Timur ko chop in a variety
of flavors, which are chicken, fish and buff among others. It also sells chilli pastes and
round chilli pickles.
Link to the products of NMU:

11. RIK: RIK sells pickles such as Aakhabare achar, Chicken achar, Lapsi achar and
Mula achar. It also sells dried vegetables such as Gundruk Rayo, Masyaura and
Gundurk Bhatmas among others.
Link to the products of RIK:

12. TASTY (Saluna Creation): Saluna Creation sells pickles such as Akabare pickle,
Buff pickle, Green chilli pickle, Lapsi pickle and Mixed vegetable pickle. It also sells
Methi masala and Methi tusa.
Link to the products of TASTY:

13. Sarupa Dhigo Hastakala: Sarupa sells handmade bamboo products such as Bamboo
dustbin, Bamboo pen case, cutlery tray and oval bread basket. It also sells Compost
Link to the products of Sarupa Dhigo Hastakala:

14. Spicy Home Spices (SHS): SHS sells a variety of spices. They have Black pepper
powder, Cardamom powder, Chilli powder, Chilli flake, Cinnamon powder,
Coriander powder, Cumin powder, Garlic powder, Ginger powder, Turmeric powder,
Timur whole, Pancha furna, Garam masala, Tea masala, Masala mix, Momo masala
and Kwati masala.
Link to the products of SHS:

15. Sur Chemicals: Sur Chemicals sells personal care products such as handwash and
hand sanitizer. In addition, it also sells floor cleaner.
Link to the products of Sur Chemicals:


16. Swaad Achar Masala: Swaad Achar Masala sells Nepali swaad achar masala, Sweet
lime pickle, Masala lapsi pickle among others.
Link to the products of Swaad Achar Masala:

17. The Beekeeping Shop (TBS): TBS sells wide range of honey flavors such as TBS
chiuri pure honey, TBS chiuri (butter tree), TBS mustard pure honey, TBS litchi pure
honey, TBS pure raw honey, TBS buckwheat pure honey and TBS rudilo pure honey
in various sizes. All honey items are natural and pure.
Link to the products of TBS:

18. White Lotus: White Lotus sells natural food supplements such as flax seed and chia
seed. Products of White Lotus are cultivated in different parts of Nepal. It sells Corn
grits from Jumla, Rasuwa and Okhaldunga. It also has White beans, Black lentils,
Jumli marsi, Basmati rice, Walnuts, Black beans, Jimbu, Millet flour, Buckwheat
flour, Barley grits, Bojo and Black rice. These products are cultivated in Rasuwa,
Jumla, Sindhupalchowk, Mustang, Dolpa, Ramechhap and Nawalparasi.
Link to the products of White Lotus:


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