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Steel Hand Dryer 1800W

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In stock
10 Days
Pay by Coins:20883 ThuloCoins™
In stock
10 Days
Pay by Coins:20883 ThuloCoins™
रु 20883
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Steel Hand Dryer 1800W

Quickly dry the hands within 10-12 seconds; drying time is 1/3 to general hand dryer.
Low energy consumption & money saving: only 600W for power capacity of engine & 1800W for heating power is equal to 1/2 of general hand dryer.
Novel, beautiful and natural design: patents certified, anyone who dare imitate must be investigated.
Multifunctional protection: prevent from extra-heating, extra-time & extra- current.
Outstanding performance with chip control technology & infrared sensor circuit.
Stainless steel shell enough solid & durable.
Water receiver: avoid wetting ground
It is equipped with automatic infrared ray induction system, very easy to use, reducing waste, and no touching clean hands which effectively to avoiding pathogen cross infection and recontamination.
It has outstanding performance with most advantage chip control technology and infrared sensor.
It has unified high speed motor with RPM of 25000, dryers the hands with 7-12 seconds.
This series product is all with over current protection, which effectively eliminates accidents.
It only needs expansion pipe and screw hook when installation, then hang the machine, cut off the power when maintenance. It is suitable for all departments in hospitals, school,restaurant, foodstuff plant, hospitals, gym, mall,food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, office buildings, hotel,government agencies and research institutions and other places.
Watt: 1800W



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