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GOLDEN RAINBOW Magic Purifying Powder - 5 Sachets

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In stock
10 Days
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In stock
10 Days
Pay by Coins:125 reward points
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  • Product details of Golden Rainbow Magic Purifying Powder - 5 Sachets

  • Contains 5 Sachets
  • Makes Water Clean
  • Filteration required after use
  • Uses :

    Making anions cations fast bind in the water,this powder quick purifies the water. Adding the powder in fresh or saline water in an aquarium or a glass container planted waterweeds can purify the water, but it does not hurt aquatic plants and animals. You may not change the water for the aquarium until at least one month after adding this powder. Regularly adding it can make the water clear and virid.


    Directions :

    Place the powder between two layers of filtering cotton.or put half a bag of the powder into a 100cm aquarium or a 150cm aquarium,and soon.


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