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Automatic Drip Watering System Flower Plant Water Irrigation Spike Houseplant Garden Tool

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  • Brand new
  • Size: approx. 3cm x 11cm
  • Color: as picture shows
  • Self Watering Probes are a simple and effective way of watering your plants while you are on vacation
  • Automatic watering, you don't have to worry about your plants whether you are at home or not
  • Adjustable drip tool, providing different water volume according to different plants water requirement
  • The speed of dripping can be set as you need
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Drip irrigation is an efficient, easy to install permanent irrigation system. It works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil and plants. Therefore, the plants can absorb nutrient and moisture directly with this useful tools. Buy it and you will see a prosperous scene !


  • Open the packaging, remove the green cap
  • Turn on the water soak for about 15 minutes (white porcelain head portion must be completely immersed in the water)
  • Will be filled with pink plastic inner tube on the water body watering, but also filled with water within a green hat and a plastic tube (can be put on the red faucet, so does inner plastic tube filled with water). The green cap installed back watering body and press firmly
  • One end of the plastic tube into the water container, and the white porcelain head portion is completely inserted into the soil
  • Please note: When you use: It is recommended reservoir (bucket) put slightly higher than pots (the picture is not accurate)
  • Loose soil level, water absorption and reservoir water levels will directly affect the speed of water seepage. Peat absorbent cultivation medium, automatic watering the seepage faster than compacted soil. And relatively speaking, the higher the water level in the reservoir seepage faster. We can according to the actual situation of their own use to adjust the water level in order to achieve their satisfactory results
  • The plants require different levels of water, it is recommended about 15 cm pots with a watering device, only 1-2 15-20 cm in diameter each additional five centimeters, can increase a plant waterer.
  • Can be used in light water containers of liquid fertilizer to replace water, let the slow infiltration basin fertilizer plants better absorb
  • How to solve the following problems:
  • No water absorption (due to thin the pipe no irrigation or put the water reservoir low so the pipe must be filled with water can not have air, water was released slightly higher than watering can be.)
  • Watering too slow (try to put the water reservoir is higher, so watering speed will be faster)
  • Watering too fast, the reservoir was finished quickly (increase reservoir. Reducing the height of the reservoir, so that the height of the reservoir is slightly higher than watering or watering reservoir and the height flat, so it will not cause the soil too wet)
  • If the discharge reservoir is high, the cover portion may be water droplets. If this happens, reduce the reservoir to just over watering, a copper head check whether the lid on tightly and press firmly
  • Package included:
  • 1 x automatic plant waterer (waterer only, other accessories are not included)


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