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Rice Buying Guide:

Choose best quality rice for a healthy living.

Rice is a staple, edible and starchy grain filled with an essential nutrient.Rice is the most common food item consumed in Nepal.There are different varieties of rice that are grown in Nepal.Considering health, quality and sizes, choice of rice brand may differ in  consumer.So,information about type of rice may help you to select the best quality rice.

Types of Rice

On the basis of length,there are three types of rice.

1. Long grain rice:

Long grain rice are thin,pointed and have a narrow wide.They are light and fluffy when cooked.


2. Medium grain rice:

They are rice  smaller than longer grain rice which absorbs moisture making rice more sticky and soft. 


3. Short grain rice:

They are small in size and best for Sushi.They are sticky and fluffy when cooked.


On the basis of texture,there are two types of rice:

1. Sticky rice:

Sticky rice are sweet in taste and are used mostly by Asians to make a traditional dish.


2. Parboiled rice:

Parboiled rice also known as convertible or processed rice,are dried,soak  before milling.It is a pre cooked rice having rough texture.

On the basis of color ,there are four types of rice.

1. White rice:

It is milled rice which is polished to protect from germs and storage.It is normal rice that are found of different quality.


2. Brown rice:

Most healthier rice which is suitable for health conscious person.Brown rice is enriched with a whole host of nutrients.


3. Red rice:

Red rice takes just 20 minutes to cook.It has high protein fibre and 20% more magnesium,phosphorus and molybdenum.


4. Black rice:

Black rice also called forbidden rice that has a unique look and enrich with vitamins as well as antioxidants. 


Aroma Rice

One of the varieties of rice that consists of nuts like aroma and taste .It is caused by the chemical compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline.Such rice gives fragrance when cooked.They are used to make different erhinic dishes.

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