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Shavers & Trimmers Buying Guide: The painless experience.

Thulo .Com
Dec 11, 2020

Shaver Buying Guide

Shaving is a daily chore for many people, but buying an electric shaver can make it a quick and painless experience. Not only do electric shavers eliminate the chance of nicks and cuts, technology developments mean they are less likely to irritate the skin as well. This buying guide should help you to understand the different shavers on the market and select a product suitable for your needs.

1. Different types of shavers

There are two main types of shaver: rotary and foil.


This kind of shaver has two or three rotating heads that lift hair away from the face before cutting it.

The best shavers use pivoting rotors that adapt to the contours of your face, which provides a closer and more accurate shave. They are also more suitable for shaving longer hair.

They are also easier to clean, but aren’t really suitable for shaving long hairs.


These shavers have high-speed razor blades hidden behind a protective mesh – known as a foil.

They have less surface area than a rotary product, so they take longer to do the job. However, they are usually better for sensitive skin types.

2. Different power options

There are different power options available for electric shavers, so consider how often – and where – you will be using them.

Mains: These must be plugged into a power source, so aren’t suitable for people who need to shave on the move a lot

Mains rechargeable: Runs off a battery when not plugged into the mains

Battery only: Good for travellers, but they are not suited for everyday home use due to short battery life

3. Additional Features

While you may think a shaver only needs an on and off switch, there are a variety of additional features available that can give you greater flexibility.

Beard trimmer: Style your moustache or beard with this useful accessory

Self-cleaning: Works while being charged, preventing a build-up of bacteria that could infect cuts

Travel case: For easy portability

Water-proof: If you like to shave in the shower, make sure your electric razor has this feature

Ease-of-use: Check that the shaver feels comfortable in your hand. There are also anti-slip handles available and other ergonomic features