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For 20-something single girls, hair is often an emotional rollercoaster. Sunsilk understands and has designed its wash, care and styling collections to address the most common hair dramas in 80 countries around the globe.

Sunsilk brand was launched in 1964 and is a global brand with its presence across 80 countries. The Sunsilk hair care range provides a complete hair care solution and functions as a 3-step combination of cleansing, nourishing and manageability that gives a 20 something girl the confidence to express herself.

The new Sunsilk range comprises of the following variants to suit your hair type:

Sunsilk Thick & long shampoo & conditioner: Make your hair look thicker as it grows longer with nourishing yoghurt protein energisers.

Sunsilk soft and smooth shampoo & conditioner: Turn rough dry hair to soft smooth hair from the 1st wash with almond oil energisers.

Sunsilk hairfall solution shampoo & conditioner: Ginseng & soya energisers boost hair strength to visibly reduce hairfall due to breakage.

Sunsilk damage repair shampoo & conditioner : Enriched with olive oil energisers, it repairs damaged hair & protects against further damage.

Blackshine shampoo: Enriched with amla pearl energisers, it gives deeper shinier hair from the 1st wash.


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