Vaadi Herbals Aloe Vera Facial Bar with Extract of Tea Tree, 30gm

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Aloe vera in this facial bar supplemented with tea tree extracts acts as an antiseptic agent and rids the face of acnecausing bacteria. This specialised facial soap keeps the skin problem free and gently lightens marks.

What are the benefits of using honey as a skin cleanser and moisturizer?

Honey is both a skin cleanser and a moisturizer. A natural humectant, honey not only has the ability to absorb moisture, but also retain it. It thus hydrates and nourishes the skin, without making it oily; and as such is suitable for both oily and dry skin. Optimum hydration makes the skin soft and supple; granting it elasticity and delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

How does Aloe Vera add to the softness and smoothness of skin?

Being rich in Vitamins E and C, aloe vera nourishes the skin effectively. It stimulates blood circulation, as well as removes dead cells from the surface. The former helps in better transportation, while the latter helps in better penetration of beneficial nutrients.

How does apple extract contribute to skin health?

Apples are abundant in Vitamins A, B and C. These essential nutrients grant apple extract a great anti-aging (or anti-wrinkling) and toning properties. As toners, it gently, but effectively exfoliates your skin; ridding it of dead cells, traces of products and other impurities. It also helps balance the pH level of the skin and tightens the pores. Thus helping fight acne problem as well.

Apple extract exhibits natural healing properties as well; making it effective against sun-burn, cracked skin, as well as itching and inflammation. The extract also helps in lightening and brightening the complexion.

How does Papaya Extract work towards skin betterment?

The extract of papaya (Carica papaya) owe much of its beneficial properties to a constituent enzyme, papain. The enzyme is a natural exfoliant cum toner. It removes dead skin cells from the surface; unclogs pores of impurities; shrinks enlarged pores; as well as treats acne and blackheads. The very same enzyme is also an effective skin whitening agent. It works wonders on dark spots, blemishes, freckles as well as sun-tan.

Vitamins A, E and C in the extract are potent anti-oxidants. They improve cell turnover; stimulate production of collagen and repair cell damage; thereby, maintaining skin’s elasticity and delaying wrinkles.

  • Aloe vera moisturises and nourishes the skin, lightens skin color
  • Tea tree oil reduces sebum production, kills acne causing bacteria