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A time tested combination of saffron and turmeric has been enriched with the age old goodness of aloe vera, to give you a fair and flawless complexion. Together they penetrate your skin to control the production and uneven distribution of melanin, and deep moisturize it. Marks and blemishes lighten, and your face is left supple, perfectly smooth and flawlessly fair.

How do Vitamins (A, B, C, E) work in improving skin texture?

Topical application of Vitamins A, B, C and E makes the skin supple, smooth and even. The suppleness of the skin is owed to Vitamin B, which enhances the ability of the skin to retain moisture. The smooth texture and even tone is a synergistic effect of all.

All these vitamins effectively treat wrinkling. In fact, Vitamins A, C and E even delay the signs of skin aging, as they happen to be potent anti-oxidants. They help in the repair of damaged tissue by stimulating regeneration of cells. And help maintain the elasticity of the skin, by boosting collagen production. They also protect the skin from damage by free radicals. Another protection they provide is that from UV rays induced damage to the skin; as well as minimization of the damage done already. Multivitamins even help the skin against acne and blackhead problems. Vitamin E cleanses the skin; Vitamin C exfoliates (removes dead cells and impurities) and tones (unclogs and shrinks pores); Vitamin A and C reduce oiliness; and Vitamin B renders anti-inflammatory action.