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ThuloCoins™ are loyalty points that are credited to your Thulo.Com Account, every time you make a purchase. One ThuloCoins™ is equivalent to Re. 1. You can redeem these loyalty points on your next shopping at Thulo.Com.


1. How to Earn ThuloCoins™?

  • You may also win ThuloCoins™ as part of our Contests or Promotions.

  • You may also win ThuloCoins™ while writing reviews to sellers and their products.

  • In case of Cancellation/Return of COD Orders or Prepaid Orders made using ThuloCoins™, your Refund will be credited in the form of ThuloCoins™.

2. How to Redeem ThuloCoins™?

ThuloCoins™ are redeemed to make a purchase on Thulo.Com. You can also use ThuloCoins™ to make partial payment of the total order value. While placing the order, you can redeem the amount of ThuloCoins™ in your account on the Cart page.


3. What is the Validity of ThuloCoins™?


S. No

Types of ThuloCoins™



ThuloCoins™ that are issued as Refund for COD Order Return or Return/ Cancellation for prepaid orders

Kindly refer to the below mentioned "Terms and Conditions for ThuloCoins™ in case of refund"


ThuloCoins™ that you win in Thulo.Com’s contests/ promotions

Valid for a period as mentioned under the terms and conditions of the contest/promotion


  • ThuloCoins™ have an expiry date, which means that they will not be available after a fixed time period.

  • Any changes to the ThuloCoins™ including prescribing an expiration period/forfeiture/suspension, etc will be communicated by updating these terms and conditions.


Terms and Conditions for ThuloCoins™ in cases of Refunds:

Expiry / Validity of ThuloCoins™ in case of Refund of an Order where ThuloCoins™ have been used:

  • If ThuloCoins™ with no expiry date are used for placing an order, the refunded ThuloCoins™ would also have unlimited validity.

  • If the order has ThuloCoins™ with expiry date gone past by the time the refund is processed, the refunded ThuloCoins™ would have an expiry date of 15 days from the date of refund.

  • If the expiry date of the refunded ThuloCoins™ is less than 15 days at the time of refund, corresponding ThuloCoins™ will have an expiry date of 15 days.

  • If the expiry date of the refunded ThuloCoins™ is more than 15 days at the time of refund, corresponding ThuloCoins™ will have an expiry date same as earlier.

  • In cases where you do not perform any financial transactions using your registered account on Thulo.Com for a consecutive period of 1 (one) year, the ThuloCoins™ in your account shall be forfeited.

In case of any assistance in regard to the above, you may directly contact the customer support team of Thulo.Com where every endeavor shall be made to redress your grievance.

*Please note - Refunds will be made in ThuloCoins™, when correct banking details are not provided to us at the time of filing Return Request.


4. How to check ThuloCoins™ Balance?

My ThuloCoins™ section has a clear record of all your orders/ transaction history, where you may have used ThuloCoins™. Check your ThuloCoins™ balance - (Sign in-> Your ThuloCoins)


5. How to Redeem ThuloCoins™?

ThuloCoins™ are loyalty points that are credited to your Thulo.Com Account when you place an order on selected products and categories. Click here for more details.


6. How to transfer refunded ThuloCoins™?

Transfer the refunded ThuloCoins™ into your bank account via ConnectIPS (In case of COD order) or to its Original source (In case of Prepaid order), please follow the steps below:

  • Go to “My Orders”, click on “See more details” of the relevant order.

  • Next click on “Transfer TC to Bank” or “Transfer TC to source” to initiate transfer of refunded TC’s.

  • Select the bank into which you want to transfer the refunded TC’s or add bank details and click on “Confirm”

You will receive a notification regarding the refund on your registered e-mail Id and mobile once the refund is initiated from our end.


7. Terms & Conditions

  • ThuloCoins™ can neither be exchanged for cash nor transferred

  • ThuloCoins™ are not issued on promoted gold coins & bars and selected products (electronics)

  • The usage of a ThuloCoins™ is subjected to all terms & conditions including Thulo.Com’s policies

  • TDS is applicable to customers whose earned ThuloCoins™ exceed the limit of Rs.10,000. The credit shall be subject to customer submitting requisite documents, as desired by ThuloCoins™.

  • Applicable only on selected products, ThuloCoins™ can be availed at the time of order payment